Ecosystem Transformation

Scientific and theoretical journal. Journal is issued quarterly (four issues year). Founded in 2017.

The journal focuses at presenting the results of studying local, regional and global changes in ecosystems of different types due to the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. Issues related to the fundamental and applied aspects of ecology and the assessment of the ecological state of freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems at the organismic, population and biocenotic levels are discussed.
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Editorial Team

Founder and publisher: ‘Cherepovets State University’

Phone: +7(925)851-82-85

The Journal is in the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications of the Supreme Examination Board (VAK). Branches of Studies: Ecology, Biological Resources

The Journal is indexed in Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar, CyberLeninkaRussian State LibraryLanBook, Directory of Open Access Journals, DOI Crossref, Scopus

04.08.2023 Dear authors of the journal "Transformation of Ecosystems",

We would like to inform you that the flow of manuscripts submitted for publication in our journal is constantly growing. We do our best to reduce the time taken to publish the articles and to increase their number in each issue providing the high-performance editorial processing. The issuing of our journal in Russian and English is an important factor, which greatly contributes to the audience enhancement and increase in the citation of articles. Unfortunately, the journal budget can no longer cope with translation costs. Because of this, starting from the 1st issue of 2024, the translation of articles into English will be provided by the authors. You may do the translation yourself or hire the qualified translators (e.g., our translators on the staff).

We are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation with you. Do not hesitate to send your manuscripts to the journal "Transformation of Ecosystems".


Translation of all articles to be issued in 2023 will be covered fully by the journal.

22.11.2021 We are in DOAJ!
Ecosystem Transformation is included in The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)!
25.02.2021 Update of the instructions for authors
Instructions for authors have been updated
03.02.2021 Inclusion in the List of VAK RF (High Attestation Commission)
Journal ‘Ecosystem Transformation’ is included in the List of VAK RF (High Attestation Commission)!